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D3xt3r01 WIKI is a place where I and others like me will put useful info about anything related to computers.

About Me

I'm Adrian. A 3rd year computer science student @ University of Craiova ( which sucks if you ask me ! ). The registrations are closed due to stupidity and idiotic users. If you think you can help and want to help .. you can email me to dexter ( at d3xt3r01 dot tk ) .. please put a useful subject in the mail header or it might be ignored.

What's already here

Linux - The Operating System

Using Mutt - The Console Mutt Mail User Agent

Using Qemu - QEMU Emulator

Using Finch‎ - A Pimpin’ Penguin console frontend to libpurple. Instant Messaging client.

VIM Stuff‎ - Vi IMproved, a programmers text editor

SSH jail - How to jail SSH users ..

Virtual ProFTPD with MySQL and Quota - Virtual users in ftp simply using ProFTPD

Iptables Redirect - Iptables rules for redirecting stuff in NAT

Perl simple usage - Basic stuff in perl

Writing a CD in console - Writing CD/DVD's in the console

ZD1211rw with patches for aircrack-ng - Applying patches for zd1211 based cards to support injection in Ubuntu Jaunty

Cracking a clientless wep AP - Using the Aircrack-ng suite

Cisco - The routing equipment

Cisco_Levels - The path to take to be a network master

Cisco Simple NAT - How to make a simple nat using Cisco

Windows - The OS

Registry/TaskManager Enable/disable‎ - tweaks and trips

Spyware removers‎ - Things you can't live without

MySQL - SQL DataBase System

Mysql primary key after creating and using a database

MySQL select entries older than

Copy table structure

PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor

PHP OOP Brainfuck Interpreter

PHP error reporting


Hide/Remove Div - How to hide or remove a div using javascript

Update div content - Updating a div content using ajax

JavaScript back button

JavaScript print frame button

MISC - Other stuff

Portable Apps

Bootable USB Stick - How to

Firefox plugins‎ - Useful browser addons and stuff

Interesting youtube and stuff - Things that can be forgoten


Wikimedia prevent user registration

FileExtension Upload

GeSHi Syntax Highlight extension

ConfirmEdit extension - block spam !

SpamBlacklist extension