Irssi Usage and Scripts

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Because I don't like a psybnc and I own a server which is always online and .. why use my unsecure box when I can use my secure remote box and leave irssi running in screen :D


I'm using gentoo on it so I'll emerge it first and install the nicklist script and set it up

sudo emerge irssi
mkdir -p ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/
cd ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/
screen -S irssi irssi

Now.. In the new window...

/set nickname nick
/set term_force_colors ON
/hilight nick
/set autolog ON

#load script and set it up
/script load ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/
/nicklist SCREEN
/set nicklist_automode SCREEN
/set nicklist_width 15
/set print_active_channel on
/set skip_motd on
/set timestamps on
#bind alt+pgup/down to nicklist scroll
/bind ^[[5;3~ command nicklist scroll -10
/bind ^[[6;3~ command nicklist scroll +10
#auto connect to servers
/network add Undernet
/network add Freenode
/server add -auto -network Undernet 6667
/server add -auto -network Freenode 6667 [passwordhere]
/channel add -auto #channel Freenode
/channel add -auto #channel Undernet
#save our changes

Scrooling between tabs

Ctrl-1 .. Ctrl-0  # - Jump directly between windows 1-10
Ctrl-q .. Ctrl-o  # - Jump directly between windows 11-19
Ctrl-P /  Ctrl-N  # - Jump to previous / next window
/window <number>  # - Jump to any window with specified number

Closing a window is done by

/window close
# or short version


Irssi Startup - Howto

A guide