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D3xt3r01 WIKI is a place where I and others like me will put useful info about anything related to computers.

About Me

I'm Adrian. More information about me here

I also develop and maintain ServerStuff.

The registrations are closed due to stupidity and idiotic users. If you think you can help and want to help .. you can email me to dexter ( at d3xt3r01 dot tk ) .. please put a useful subject in the mail header or it might be ignored.

Linux [The Operating System]

Bluetooth - Misc stuff about bluetooth

PulseAudio - Misc stuff about the pulse audio daemon

Setting Yubikey - How to set up your yubikey in gentoo

YubiKey lock screen - Using your yubikey to lock your computer

Using Mutt - The Console Mutt Mail User Agent

Using Qemu - QEMU Emulator

Using Finch‎ - A Pimpin’ Penguin console frontend to libpurple. Instant Messaging client.

VIM Stuff‎ - Vi IMproved, a programmers text editor

SSH jail - How to jail SSH users ..

Using GNU Screen - Useful Screen info

Using GNU tmux - Useful Screen info

Protect Console Screen Session - Protect yourself from the other admins

Virtual ProFTPD with MySQL and Quota - Virtual users in ftp simply using ProFTPD

Perl simple usage - Basic stuff in perl

Writing a CD in console - Writing CD/DVD's in the console

Convert to and from Gentoo Fedora - Differences between them

Fedora CentOS ifcfg change from dinamic static ip - How to

Bashrc customization - Make your prompt look pretty

Setting up named dns server - Setting up a domain name

Fedora CentOS virtual ips - Setting up virtual ips

Ubuntu VNC session - Sharing your current X session

Gentoo IPTables Xtables-addons Block countries - Applying the geoip patch to iptables/kernel in gentoo

GNU Find tricks - Stuff I often do

Irssi Usage and Scripts - Cli IRC client

Sharing to Windows and Mounting Windows Shares in Ubuntu‎ - Share the love

FLV to AVI - Converting google/youtube videos to avi

PPPoE with FreeRadius and MySQL - a nice howto

Password-less SSH Login - Freely login in your network

Autossh Tunnel - Keep a tunnel secure

Two Way rsync via SSH - Keeping files in sync

Working with GSM modems via AT commands - Management commands and other stuff

ffmpeg - multimedia handling library

Various CentOS 7 settings - up to speed with CentOS 7

Apache HTTPD

Setting up SSL for Apache HTTPD - Stuff for HTTPS in apache

File size directory listing in Apache - How to get a bigger file name in directory listing

Simple .htaccess protection - protect some stuff that don't need to be so public...

Medium .htaccess protection - add some more stuff to the protection

mod_lua custom auth - because BasicAuth isn't enough

multiple mod_ldap - some people made bad decisions with their AD structure


ZD1211rw with patches for aircrack-ng - Applying patches for zd1211 based cards to support injection in Ubuntu Jaunty

Cracking a clientless wep AP - Using the Aircrack-ng suite

Wpa supplicant usage - My how to configure wpa_supplicant


Linux Simple NAT - A simple tutorial on how to nat

NAT mac filter - How to filter your nat clients based on mac and ip

Iptables Redirect - Iptables rules for redirecting stuff in NAT

Route through socks - How to route yourself/network through a socks made by using ssh

Mail servers

Setting up a mail server - In Romanian but it can be easily read.

Clear Postfix queue - Get rid of the weird postfix queue

DKIM for Multiple Domains - Set up to sign multiple domains


MAN 5 crontab - Crontab 5 manual

MAN 1 crontab - Crontab 1 manual

MAN 8 cron - Cron 8 manual


Puppet - IT Automation Software for System Puppet Labs


Virtualbox - Misc stuff

Cisco [The routing equipment]

Cisco Levels - The path to take to be a network master

Cisco Simple NAT - How to make a simple nat using Cisco

Cisco UBR7246 SSH Server - How to enable SSH on a router

CISCO Saving IOS to TFTP - Backup your IOS

CCNA - Info required for the CCNA certification

Cisco encrypt password - How to add a username and encrypt the passwords

Cable Networks [The ones that use tv cable]

Versions used on cable modem network - Info needed when you want to update all of them

Windows [The OS]

MCSA Windows Server 2012 R2 - What I started to learn about MCSA

Registry/TaskManager Enable/disable‎ - tweaks and trips

Spyware removers‎ - Things you can't live without

How to disable 135 445 - Removing DCOM/RPC issues for blaster

How to add a description to a windows service - Avoiding audit errors

Remove Shared Documents from My Computer‎ - Because I don't use it

Windows XP Secure - Things that should be done before and after installing Windows XP

MSDNAA Links - Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance Links

Change System Drive Letter - Changing the drive letters of any drive

Change Windows Logon background - Make the logon color match your desktop

Windows Classic Search - Stick to the classics

Disable NTFS Last Access Time Stamp - Optimize hdd usage

Windows Detailed Logon messages - Get more info when logging in or out

Faster Windows Shutdown - Get it down under 5 seconds

Delete or Disable Icon Arrow - Annoying

Completely Turn OFF your Windows 7 Firewall - just in case you think you're better !

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard [The OS]

Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts - There are just too many to remember

MySQL [SQL DataBase System]

Mysql primary key after creating and using a database

MySQL select entries older than

Copy table structure

MySQL Repair Table

MySQL Count rows by date timestamp

Resetting MySQL root password

PHP [Hypertext Preprocessor]

PHP OOP Brainfuck Interpreter

PHP error reporting

Trilulilu and Youtube Downloader

Send mails via SMTP with auth

PHP YMSG Class - This is how you log in yahoo messenger and talk/do stuff to people

PHP 7bit PDU generator

PHP Tips && Tricks

PHP Card Number Generator

C++ [C Plus Plus, The programming language]

C++ Hello World - My first program

C++ OOP Hello World - My first class

JAVA [The Programming Language


Setting Eclipse for Android - Adding the SDK

First Android project - Make something show up on screen

Setting an icon to your android project - How to set an icon for your android app

Adding menu options to your android project - Using the menu button in the app

Lists, Views, Cursors, Exceptions, Dialogs, SQL in android - A simple example of a list, adding/deleting, storing data

Simple Math Stuff - A little program I made for my girlfriend so it can calculate children's yearly grades at school


Hide/Remove Div - How to hide or remove a div using javascript

Update div content - Updating a div content using ajax

JavaScript back button

JavaScript print frame button

GmailLike attachments - Examples using createElement

MISC [Other stuff]

Portable Apps

Bootable USB Stick - How to

Firefox plugins‎ - Useful browser addons and stuff

Make firefox run faster - Best browser made better !

Interesting youtube and stuff - Things that can be forgoten

WishList - What I want

Best Computer to date - At least at @06.02.2010

HTC G1 adb usage - My phone's debugger


Wikimedia prevent user registration

FileExtension Upload

GeSHi Syntax Highlight extension

ConfirmEdit extension - block spam !

SpamBlacklist extension