Using Mutt

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Basic Info

So .. I though that why not start using mutt instead of evolution or any other thingies to read my imap folder ? you know how easy it is ?

~/.muttrc stuff

set my_server=

set my_smtp_server=

set my_user=""

set my_pass="password"

set from=""

set imap_user=$my_user

set imap_pass=$my_pass

set folder=imaps://$my_server/INBOX

set spoolfile=imaps://$my_server/INBOX

mailboxes imaps://$my_server/INBOX

set mbox="!"

set ssl_starttls=yes # activate TLS if available on the server

set ssl_force_tls=yes # always use SSL when connecting to a server

unset imap_passive # Don't wait to enter mailbox manually

set imap_check_subscribed # Automatically poll subscribed mailboxes for new mail (new in 1.5.11)

set mail_check=60 # Reduce polling frequency to a sane level

set timeout=10 # And poll the current mailbox more often (not needed with IDLE in post 1.5.11)

set header_cache=~/.mutt/header_cache # keep a cache of headers for faster loading (1.5.9+?)

set net_inc=5 # Display download progress every 5K

set message_cachedir="~/.mutt/body_cache" # Message Body cache dir

unset arrow_cursor # use arrow cursor

unset askbcc # don't prompt for bcc's

unset askcc # don't prompt for cc's

set copy # save copies of sent messages

set edit_headers # display the headers when I'm editing a message

  1. set fast_reply # don't prompt for stuff when replying

unset mark_old # don't mark unread messages as Old

set pager_stop # don't go to next message at end of message

color attachment brightmagenta black

color error brightwhite red # errors yell at you in red

color hdrdefault red black # headers

color indicator brightyellow magenta # currently selected message

color markers brightcyan black # the + for wrapped pager lines

color message brightcyan black # informational messages, not mail

color normal white black # plain text

color quoted green black # quoted text

color search brightgreen black # hilite search patterns in the pager

color signature red black # signature (after "-- ") is red

color status brightyellow blue # status bar is yellow *on blue* color tilde blue black # ~'s after message body

color tree red black # thread tree in index menu is magenta

color signature brightred black

color underline yellow black

color header cyan black ^(From|Subject): # Important headers

color body magenta black "(ftp|http)://[^ ]+" # picks up URLs

color body magenta black [-a-z_0-9.]+@[-a-z_0-9.]+

  1. Coloring quoted text - coloring the first 7 levels:

color quoted cyan black

color quoted1 yellow black

color quoted2 red black

color quoted3 green black

color quoted4 cyan black

color quoted5 yellow black

color quoted6 red black

color quoted7 green black

  1. Colorize smileys: :-) ;-) :-/ :-(

color body yellow black "[;:]-[)/(|]"

color body yellow black "[;:][)/(|]"

color body green black "alpha:\+://[^ ]*"

color index brightyellow black ~N # New

color index yellow black ~O # Old

color index magenta black ~F

color index blue black ~T

color index red black ~D

Other info

It's pretty self explanatory .. I have because the first @ part is the username and the second is the server ..

Key Bindings ( you can find all of them pressing the ? key )

d - delete a mail

$ - sync de mail ( apply changes )

<enter> - read a message ( page_up / page_down to scrool )

q - quit

r - reply

Useful sites

Other nice configs can be found at , , Homepage is at don't forget to read the FAQ and Manual