Setting Eclipse for Android

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This is what you need to do to have Eclipse set up to make Android projects !


Get the JDK from the Sun page and install it.

Go to the Android SDK and get the Windows/Linux/Whatever version... UNZIP it and run "SDK Setup.exe" to get it up to date .. it might take a while !

Get the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers from eclipse's page and unzip it somewhere. Run it.

Add the ADT plugin to eclipse just like in here. Start Eclipse, then select Help > Software Updates.... In the dialog that appears, click the Available Software tab. Click Add Site...In the Add Site dialog that appears, enter this URL in the "Location" field "" . Back in the Available Software view, you should see the plugin listed by the URL, with "Developer Tools" nested within it. Select the checkbox next to Developer Tools and click Install... On the subsequent Install window, "Android DDMS" and "Android Development Tools" should both be checked. Click Next. Read and accept the license agreement, then click Finish. Restart Eclipse.