Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

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I just got a Powerbook 1GHz, 768MB ram G4. Oldie, I know, but I never saw how mac actually looks like long enough to like it in any way. I only tested it a few years ago in a vmware environment and the results weren't pleasing at all ! So, I got my Mac OS X™ 10.5.1 Installation DVD, got it installed ( quite cool ! ). Got it updated to 10.5.8 ( about 1G more of updates ).

The key combinations are kinda' weird coming from a Windows™ environment and there are just so many that I can't remember them all the time ! For all the new guys out there .. here they are !


The key with an apple on the right of the alt key is called Command

The alt key with a sign under it is called Option


Keep pressed

Command + Option + O + F = Boot into openfirmware

Command + Option + P + R = Reset PRAM


Command + L = Location ( Similar to ALT+D in Windows Firefox )

Command + D = Bookmark ( Similar to CTRL+B )

Command + T = New tab ( Similar to CTRL+T )

Command + Shift + Left/Right arrows = Switch tabs


Command + Q = Quit

Command + A = Select All ( Similar to CTRL+A )

Command + C/V/X = Copy/Paste/Cut

Fn + Backspace = Delete

Option + Command + Escape = Force Quit ( Similar to CTRL+ALT+DELETE )

Control + Command + Power = Reboot ( Similar to the Reboot button )


[Resetting PowerBook and iBook Power Management Unit (PMU)]